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Flybe flies high on punctuality and customer satisfaction ratings

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline and the UK’s Number One Domestic carrier, has been confirmed as having outperformed many of its competitors in two key areas that make the flying experience better for the flying public namely punctuality and the quality of its service, evidenced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in its February/March statistics and the Q1 2012 results published in the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI-UK).

The punctuality ratings of Flybe’s flights operated from London Gatwick airport fared particularly well with six of its key regional routes, namely those serving Guernsey, Inverness, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Newcastle reporting high levels of punctuality with the majority all well over 90% for consistent on-time performance (Flybe’s Isle of Man service from London Gatwick posting over 90% on time performance for the fourth month running). These statistics easily outperform those of its main competitors offering similar services.

Other Flybe routes showing strong on-time performances included its popular London Gatwick to Newquay route (95%) and those serving Scotland from Southampton to Edinburgh and Glasgow, and between Birmingham and Aberdeen.

As an added bonus, Flybe has also featured in the latest National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI-UK) Q1 2012 results* with a name-check after Virgin Atlantic and British Airways for having increased above the airline norm its passenger satisfaction rating. With one of its main competitors being castigated for its service quality that ‘lags far behind other airlines’, Flybe’s continued investment in ‘Making flying better’ and not compromising its quality service ethic whilst also providing an attractive range of affordable fares for both business and leisure passengers, is one that is obviously appreciated.

Andrew Strong, Flybe UKs Managing Director commented:

'We are naturally proud of our on-time record especially on our London Gatwick services and to have outperformed so many other airlines on both on-time performance and also customer satisfaction, is excellent news. It provides tangible proof of just how committed we are to ‘Making flying better’ for our passengers and to providing them with reliable, convenient and affordable travel options.'

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