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Stunning Sea Terminal mural complete in time for TT

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A stunning mural featuring iconic Manx images has been completed in the Sea Terminal Departure Lounge in time for the 2013 Isle of Man TT.

Created by local artist Adam Berry, the work was commissioned to create a unique artistic representation of the Isle of Man, which would become an eye-catching attraction for visitors.

Among the first to see it will be the thousands of fans passing through the Sea Terminal during the TT, as well as guests from five cruise ships scheduled to visit during the TT fortnight.

A joint initiative between the Department of Infrastructure and the Department of Economic Development, the mural includes images most visitors associate with the Isle of Man, including Manx cats, kippers, motorcycles and Vikings. Adam incorporated those familiar icons and also made the artwork interactive, so visitors can jump into the sidecar or hold a Viking’s Axe or Shield.

Minister for Infrastructure David Cretney MHK said:

‘This is a unique piece of artwork that will be an obvious and eye-catching photo opportunity, and also an asset to all the visitors to the Sea Terminal, which is a busy location.

‘Adam has created a fantastic work, which is visually stunning and has also made various elements of the art interactive, to give visitors a truly imaginative and memorable photograph. The detail is phenomenal, you really need to look closely to take in the many Manx aspects featured in this mural, for instance Mannanan’s cloak is shown wrapping itself around Snaefell and there are fairy wings at the Fairy Bridge, giving visitors the chance to be photographed with figures of our local folklore.

‘We hope this will not only be an asset to the Sea Terminal and a major attraction, but also a valuable promotional opportunity for the Isle of Man as visitors’ photographs taken with it will be sent to people all around the world via social media.’

Laurence Skelly, Department of Economic Development political member for Tourism, said:

'The Department of Economic Development commissioned Adam Berry to produce this mural in recognition of fact that many cruise visitors were looking for a Manx-themed photo opportunity as soon as they arrived ashore. We are facilitating a record number of cruise ships this year with 18 liners due to arrive.

‘Adam has done a fantastic job integrating iconic Manx images and I am sure that his work will be greatly appreciated by all visitors arriving at the Sea Terminal in future.’

Artist Adam added:

‘I was delighted to be asked to design and produce a mural in such a prominent place as the Sea Terminal. It's given me the opportunity to express my creative abilities whilst promoting the wonderful attractions available to visitors from around the world, I hope I have produced something that reflects these and people enjoy the finished piece.

‘Hopefully with next year on the Island focusing on the arts there will be more opportunity for big public art pieces like this around the towns.’

There is more information about Adam’s work at and

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