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Personalised number plates raise more than three hundred thousand pounds

Friday, 20 September 2013

Sales of cherished and ‘MANX’ registration numbers have raised more than £300,000 additional income for the Department of Infrastructure. 

The Department expanded the range of cherished numbers in November 2010 and introduced the range featuring ‘MANX’ last November. So far, more than 700 personalised and MANX registration numbers have been sold, with the income generated being used to help carry out highway maintenance work around the Island. 

There are more than 100,000 cherished and MANX numbers which can be searched and bought at  and at Post Offices.  Among the registration numbers still available are ‘MANX 007’, ‘MANX 123’ and ‘MAN 153 A’. 

They can be re-used and moved from one vehicle to another, or be placed onto a retention certificate for up to one year, although there is a charge for this. 

Personalised numbers are not the only numbers that can be used to register a vehicle. A standard next in line number can be purchased for £22. These are allocated to you by the Isle of Man Post Office when you apply to register your vehicle. 

See Cherished registration numbers for further information about the formats of numbers available or by calling +44 1624 686827.

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