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TT Survey 2013

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Economic Affairs Division of Treasury has today released the results of a survey of visitors to the Island for this year’s TT.

The main findings of the survey are that:

  • Almost 40,000 visitors came to the Island for the TT in 2013, up 27% on the comparable figure for 2010.
  • On average, they stayed 6.5 nights and spent £668 on the trip – a total of £26.2 million. This represents an economic benefit to the Island of £18.9 million and an exchequer benefit of £3.5 million.
  • The number of TT visitors in the Island on any one day reached a peak of just over 25,000 on Sunday 2nd June (“Mad Sunday”).
  • 73% had been to the Island previously for TT, and 2% tend to visit for other events such as the Southern 100 and MGP.

The results are based on 6,160 interviews conducted with passengers departing the Island between Monday of Practice Week and Wednesday following Senior Race Day.

An electronic copy of the full report is available to download from the Passenger Survey page.

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