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‘Living streets’ project seeks public views

Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Living Streets Map

A consultation has been launched to gather public views on the introduction of ‘living streets’ measures in central Douglas.

The ‘living streets’ project aims to make our streets easy and safe to move around, and healthy for the people who live around them, in line with Our Island Plan.

The first area for consideration is in central Douglas, including Ballakermeen High School and Hawarden Avenue.

This location was chosen after two local petitions were received for lower traffic speeds and volumes, and highlighting concerns for pedestrians, within the residential area.  

The consultation asks the public to consider what measures would be useful within the area to improve access and safety; additional crossings, improved pavements, traffic control or speed control measures.

It also asks the public to consider where each of those crossings, or other measures would be best placed to make our streets inclusive, easy to navigate, safe and healthy.

Minister of Infrastructure, Chris Thomas MHK, said:

‘This is a busy place with a secondary school, shops and businesses, as well as people living in and commuting through the area. People have concerns about traffic speed and volume and pedestrian safety.

'We hope the ‘living streets’ project will have a number of benefits including improved air quality and pedestrian access, promoting alternative travel options and, most importantly, creating a great place to live.  This engagement will build on the information supplied in the original petitions, and ensure the scheme aligns with the needs of the local community and other appropriate use.’

The consultation can be completed online, by visiting the ‘Get online’ Centre in the Sea Terminal (Mon-Friday 10am-1pm, 2-4pm) or for further information please email

The consultation will close on Monday 12 June.

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