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Changes proposed to parking at Isle of Man Airport

Wednesday, 5 April 2023

A statutory consultation will be launched this week ahead of a forthcoming trial of revised parking arrangements at Isle of Man Airport. 

The cost of parking at the airport has not changed for seven years, other than during the Covid pandemic when there was no charge.

Proposals are being brought forward to introduce a new pricing structure, with a 12-month trial set to get under way from May 1.

A major change will see the amount of time drivers have for free while displaying a parking disc reduced from an hour to 15 minutes, and this will only be available to those using the short-stay car park.

The long-stay car park will be rebranded as seasonal parking and will have one fee — enabling people to pay £120 for as much use of the facility as they wish over a 90-day period.

In addition to pricing, a recent review also identified how parking for disabled drivers may be improved. A total of 10 extra spaces will be created in the short-stay car park, close to the main terminal building in what is now the disc zone area. Dedicated spaces will also be available in the seasonal car park, currently known as the long-stay car park, for the first time.

Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas MHK said:

‘During the trial the Department will monitor how people use the car parks and also the impact on parking around the airport. The provision of better facilities for people with disabilities is particularly important.’

He added:

‘Parking is only one element of airport operations which is under review and in transition. More details are available in the report Isle of Man Airport: Function, Future and Form, which is available to read on the Tynwald website and will be considered at this month’s sitting.’

The consultation will run from Friday, when an advert containing details on how to respond will appear in the Isle of Man Courier, and close on Friday 21 April. 

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