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Three Road Safety reports published

Friday, 27 May 2022

The Road Safety Partnership has published its 2021 action plan progress update, alongside the Chair’s report and the first Annual Review of Collision and Casualty Statistics.

This first review of collision and casualties shows that in 2020 there was a reduction in the number of fatalities, serious injuries, slight injuries and non-motorised injuries. This follows a decline in the number of road traffic collisions recorded by Isle of Man Constabulary in the two previous years (2018-19 and 2019-20).

The action plan details the work undertaken by the cross-government group to improve their focus areas of road safety – safe speeds, safe roads, safe vehicles and safe people. This includes schemes such as the ‘Drive safe live long’ presentation for Year 11 students, training for the Road Safety Team to fit and check car seats and the introduction of cycle training for adults and older children. 

The Road Safety Partnership was formed in 2017 to review the Island’s existing road safety policies and schemes, and to take action to make our Island roads safer, contributing to the vision set out in the Road Safety Strategy 2019-2029 to reduce fatal or life-changing collisions.

Members of the Partnership include officers from Home Affairs, Infrastructure, Fire and Rescue, Manx Care, Police and Public Health – creating a cross-government group with experience and expertise in all aspects of road safety from the physical highways, to healthcare and emergency response. The work of the group includes legislation, safety standards, education, enforcement and the design of our roads.

Minister for Justice and Home Affairs, Jane Poole-Wilson MHK, said:

‘I welcome the publishing of this report from the Partnership, there has been a lot work over the past couple of years to improve safety on our roads for drivers, leisure users and pedestrians alike.

‘It is encouraging that this annual report shows that overall the three year average fell in relation to serious and slight injuries – however we are aware that this has been exaggerated by the restrictions and cancellations during the coronavirus pandemic. I am pleased to see a focus on delivery around safer vehicles for 2022 and look forward to seeing what is achieved by the group in the coming years.’

Minister for Infrastructure, Tim Crookall MHK, said:

‘The action plan for the strategy is progressing well, with 92% of the short term actions being completed or in progress. It is great see the partnership working that has taken place and the excellent schemes that have already been delivered including the pilot ‘safer routes to school’ scheme, improved HGV regulations and the introduction of additional signage and lining improvements on our roads.’

The three reports are available to view online on the Road Safety Strategy page

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