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Are your tyres fit for the road?

Thursday, 15 August 2013

On the afternoon of Thursday 8 August the Department’s Vehicle Testing Centre examiners undertook a routine check on the condition of tyres on vehicles parked on Douglas Promenade in the chevron bays between the Sea Terminal and the Gaiety Theatre.

Fifteen vehicles were found to have illegal tyres. The registered keepers of offending vehicles have been requested to present their vehicle to the Test Centre within seven days with the tyres in good condition. Should a vehicle not be presented, the details will be passed on to the Police.

Leonard Singer, MHK, Departmental Member for Highways said:

“The Department’s intention is that this type of enforcement will give vehicle owners the opportunity to invest in serviceable tyres rather than being given an instant fine, however I would like vehicle owners to be proactive in regard to the maintenance of their tyres to avoid the obvious road safety issues and keep themselves and other road users as safe as possible.”

The Department will be carrying out this type of enforcement around the Island at different places and different times. The legal requirement is to have at least 1.6mm of tread over at least 75% of the tyre and the remaining 25% must show the base of the original tread pattern. Any competent garage will be able to advise or if in doubt vehicles can be taken to the Vehicle Test Centre for a free check.

Owners should also regularly check their tyre pressure to suit the manufacturers recommendations and the loading of their vehicles. Lack of tread and incorrect pressures can serious reduce stopping distance and cornering capability and can also increase tyre wear and reduce fuel economy.

The maximum penalty prescribed in Part I of Road Traffic Act Schedule 6 is £2,500 with discretionary disqualification in the case of goods vehicles and £1,000 in any other case. Courts can also impose up to 3 penalty points per tyre on a driver’s licence. 

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