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Government asked to bring changes to COVID-19 rules back to Tynwald for another vote

Friday, 23 July 2021

A vote in Tynwald yesterday meant that a number of changes the Government had proposed to the Island’s COVID-19 regulations were not able to be debated or voted on.

The revisions included a number of proposals to:

  • Open up travel to the Isle of Man from countries on England’s green and amber lists
  • Exempt children aged 11 and under from testing and isolation
  • Recognise additional vaccines that have received regulatory approval
  • Remove the requirement for self-isolation exit tests.

Due to the vote in Tynwald, it means that – as things stand – the rule changes will not come into effect on Saturday, as hoped.

The Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK said:

'Overnight, a number of members of Tynwald have approached ministers to request that the Government again brings forward the proposed changes to the Island’s COVID-19 regulations.  The Council of Ministers has agreed to do so.

'I hope those members of Tynwald who were unsure, or who wanted to more fully consider the proposals, have had the time they need.  The changes we are proposing broadly reflect a workshop with Tynwald members held on 8 July. 

'If Tynwald votes the same as yesterday, then I must be clear that the changes proposed will not be brought forward.'

The Supplementary Order Paper is available on Tynwald's website.

Full details of the proposals are available at the news release 'Tynwald approval sought for proposed changes to COVID-19 regulations' published on 20 July 2021

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