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Roadworks in the vicinity of the Noble's Hospital site beginning soon

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Anyone visiting the Noble’s Hospital site in the coming weeks should leave adequate time to get to their appointment or meeting as a result of planned roadworks in the Braddan area.

On Monday, 26 July the Department of Infrastructure (DOI) begins a six-week programme of work to upgrade Braddan Road from its junction at Braddan Bridge up to the roundabout at the junction with Ballafletcher Road. As a result, Braddan Road will be made one-way from Braddan Bridge in the direction of Noble’s Hospital so that ambulances and other emergency vehicles can reach the hospital, Mount Rule and Strang areas quickly.

At the same time, work will be taking place to re-surface the overflow car park on the Noble’s site – this is the car park over by Vagabonds Rugby Club. This work shouldn’t last for more than ten days, and will be done as quickly as possible to minimise disruption. It needs to be done at this time to allow for the new surface to settle in warm weather.  

The combination of both programmes of work means that it may take extra time to reach Noble’s, and also to find car parking on the site.

Barbara Scott, Director of Infrastructure for Manx Care, commented:

'Whilst the school summer holiday is the most sensible time for the Department of Infrastructure to deliver this work, it could impact people accessing the Noble’s site at peak times and so it’s important people with an appointment plan ahead and leave adequate time to get there – and park safely. Please think carefully about where you park and don’t block any entrances or exits – this could really impact one of our emergency or service vehicles from getting where it needs to quickly.'

People leaving the Noble’s site travelling South or West will be diverted via Strang Road. People leaving the Noble’s site travelling back towards the Douglas area or North will be diverted along Ballafletcher Road, and then diverted via Tromode Road or Ballanard Road.

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