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New bus vannin Sunset Links service to connect Peel and Port Erin

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

A new evening bus service will come into operation later this month linking Peel and Port Erin.

This Sunset Links N8 service will run every Friday and Saturday from 23 July to 4 September, providing four trips each way serving Peel, St John’s, Foxdale, Ballamodha, Castletown, Port St Mary and Port Erin.

Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker MHK said:

‘I know this evening link is much-anticipated; the Department has acted on feedback from customers, its team and business owners to introduce a service which is designed to give people options and enhance the night-time economy in the south and west.

‘The service has been fully approved by the Road Transport Licensing Committee and, if successful, it’s anticipated that it will become a regular fixture on the timetable, covering the first weekend of every month throughout the year.’

He added:

‘This is a great example of positive collaborative working and we are particularly grateful for the support of the Department of Enterprise and the traders’ body Visit Port Erin for helping get this venture off the ground.’

The fare between Port Erin/Port St Mary/Castletown/Ballamodha to St John’s/Peel is a £7 1-day saver ticket, which can be purchased on the bus and used for the return journey. The ticket is available for travel on all bus vannin services during the day and evening, and enables half fare on Hullad Oie Night Owl services.

Other Go cards such as Go Explore, Go Easy, Go Platinum Bus are also valid on this service. A special £3.50 1-day saver ticket is available for Go Silver and Go Gold card holders.

Fridays and Saturdays only - 23 July to 4 September
Peel - Foxdale - Castletown - Port St Mary - Port Erin - N8
Service No N8 N8 N8 N8
Peel, Reayrt Aalin 1826 1926 2226 2326
Peel, Highwayman 1829 1929 2229 2329
Peel, Town Hall 1840 1940 2240 2340
St. Johns, Tynwald Hill 1847 1947 2247 2347
Higher Foxdale, Baltic 1853 1953 2253 2353
Castletown Square 1909 2009 2309 0009
Gansey, opp Shore Hotel 1915 2015 2315 0015
Port St. Mary, Harbour 1921 2021 2321 0021
Port Erin, Railway Station 1927 2027 2327 0027
Route: Reayrt Aalin - Oak Road - Peel Town Hall - St. Johns (Station Road) - Foxdale - Ballamodha - Great Meadow - Castletown Square - Shore Road - Port St. May - Port Erin.
Port Erin - Port St. Mary - Castletown - Foxdale - Peel - N8
Service No N8 N8 N8 N8
Port Erin, Railway Station 1830 1930 2230 2330
Port St. Mary, Harbour 1839 1939 2239 2339
Gansey, Shore Hotel 1844 1944 2244 2344
Castletown Square, Co-op 1853 1953 2253 2353
Higher Foxdale, Baltic 1907 2007 2307 0007
St. Johns, Tynwald Hill 1913 2013 2313 0013
Peel, House of Manannan 1921 2021 --- ---
Peel, Highwayman 1929 2029 2330 0030
Peel, Town Hall 1931 2031 2320 0020
Route: Port Erin - Port St. Mary - Shore Road - Castletown Square - Great Meadow - Foxdale - St. Johns (Station Road) - Peel - Ballawattleworth (before 2100 via the Promenade).

When buses are unable to serve Peel Promenade the 1830 & 1930 journeys operate direct via Albany Road to Peel Town Hall then via Peveril Road. 

Sunset Links has been scheduled to complement the extra 01:15 Hullad Oie Night Owl services which also operate between 23 July and 4 September serving Douglas to/from Port Erin, Peel, Laxey and Ramsey.

 For more information on bus timetables, visit

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