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Department of Infrastructure amalgamates the ports

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

At the initiative of Minister David Cretney MHK, the Department has been investigating the practicalities and efficiencies of amalgamating the administration of the Airport and Harbours into one Division within the Department of Infrastructure. On a day to day basis, it will be “business as usual” for the Harbours and Airport staff, and initially this will be an interim situation whilst work continues regarding the review and structure of the Scope of Government.

With the retirement of the Harbours Division Director, Captain Michael Brew, the Department of Infrastructure is now taking the opportunity to reduce the number of Directors in the Department and to merge the Airport and Harbours Divisions to make the 'Ports Division'.

The Airport Director Ann Reynolds will lead the new Division as the new 'Ports Director' with effect from 1st August.

The Minister for Infrastructure David Cretney MHK said:

'I do believe that bringing these two Divisions together under one Director is a policy change that fits well with the ongoing work of making Government more efficient, and whilst this is an interim position at the start, I am sure that this will proceed well, given the independent overview I commissioned before taking this step.'

He continued:

'I wish Captain Brew a happy retirement and thank him for his years within the Department, and wish Ann Reynolds good luck with the new Ports Division. I believe that bringing the two teams of people together, under one Director, is the right thing to do.'

I have decided to retain political oversight of this change in the time ahead to ensure a smooth transition.

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