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Minister decides on airport car park charges

Monday, 15 July 2013

The Minister of Infrastructure has decided against the original proposal of charging for the first hour of car parking at Isle of Man Airport.

Following the annual review of car park charges at Ronaldsway, it had been the intention of the Department of Infrastructure to no longer allow the one hour free period in the short stay car park and to remove the disc zone area altogether.

After considering all the public comments received (which was around 150 in total) and having met with TravelWatch at the end of June, Minister David Cretney has decided to meet the public half way and to retain a 30 minute free period, something that was in place nearly a decade ago.

The Minister explained 

'The Department did consider having a period of up to 30 minutes free parking, as one of the original options, however when this was originally in place, it was abused by members of the public, so we decided against the option. However having read all the comments, many people have said that there were not against a change but suggested that a reduced period of free parking would be helpful. So I have decided that there will be up to 30 minutes free parking.

In addition, we will re-instate a conveniently placed disc zone within the short stay car park, for genuine short term users, so that meeters and greeters or those with mobility issues can park near the Terminal and collect their passengers and luggage, and depart within the 30 minute period.'

The car park rates, with the new 30 minute free period will be re-advertised, and will take effect from mid August.

In summary:-

A) There will be a period of up to 30 minutes free parking in both the short stay and long stay car parks

B) The charges for the car parks, for brief periods of parking will be:-

Short Stay

0 - 30mins Free

31mins - 1hr £1.00

1hr - 2hr £1.50

2hr - 4hr. £2.50

Long Stay

0 - 30 mins Free

31 mins -2hr £1.00

2hr - 4hr £2.00

C) There will be no change to the daily rates or subsequent day rates for short or long stay.

D) There will be a convenient disc zone in the short stay car park, for parking up to 30 minutes, although cars can park anywhere in the short stay or long stay car parks for up to 30 minutes free.

E) There will be no change for the parking for disabled visitors and passengers, and the current disabled parking nearest to the Terminal (adjacent to the hire cars) which is currently used for free up to one hour, will continue for disabled users free of charge.

F) The current facility in front of the Terminal building, whereby passengers can be picked-up and dropped-off, will continue (no change at all)

In closing, the Minister said:

'I would like to thank the people who have taken the time to write or Email in their comments. I hope that this decision will be met with satisfaction by most. We will continue to monitor the car park usage and we will review the situation in the spring.'

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