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Footways are for Pedestrians

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Department of Infrastructure would like to remind drivers that footways are intended for pedestrians only. Parking on a pavement obstructs pedestrians and places them at risk. It is makes life particularly difficult for the more vulnerable such as the elderly, those with wheelchairs, prams, pushchairs and young children and also those with visual impairments.

North Quay DouglasThis has become a particular problem on North Quay, Douglas where drivers should only use the signed bays or permitted road space, they must not park on the pavement. Although there is not a traditional raised kerb in sections of North Quay, the paving stones clearly indicate what is pavement and what is road through the use of different surfacing types and colours.

Footway areas have many services running underneath them and are not designed to support the weight of vehicles. Parking on them can cause damage and subsequent high repair costs.

Leonard Singer MHK, Member for Highways said

'Parking on the footway is a very anti-social activity which places other road users, particularly the vulnerable at unnecessary risk. This is becoming a more common occurrence throughout the Island and I would appeal to motorists to give greater consideration to pedestrians.'

It is an offence to park on the footway and is subject to a fixed penalty notice of £60. The Departments parking enforcement team will be proactively enforcing this offence around the Island.

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