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Drugs and cash seizures at Douglas harbour

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Department of Infrastructure is pleased to advise that improved partnership and collaboration between the Department’s Port Security Section and IoM Constabulary has resulted in a number of successful seizures of cash and drugs from ferry users . Over the last six months, joint operations have resulted in £60,000 in illegal drugs and £13,000 cash – which is thought to be the proceeds of crime – being seized from individuals travelling by ferry to and from the Island.

Vehicles and freight passing through the Port are subject to security checks in accordance with the requirements of the Maritime and Security Act 1995.

Detective Inspector Mark Newey of the Isle of Man Constabulary whose responsibilities include management of the dog support unit and the pro-active and intelligence teams said,

'The Constabulary has been working with the Department of Infrastructure Port Security Section for a while and has delivered training in officer safety, forensic awareness and intelligence gathering. This partnership approach is working well and is necessary to safeguard the Island from criminal activity. The pro-active mindset adopted at the Sea Terminal has stopped cash and drugs from both entering and leaving the Isle of Man. I see the links between the two agencies becoming stronger and more beneficial to the community of the Island as a whole and long may it continue.'

David Cretney, Minister for Infrastructure, said:

'I am pleased to report these significant finds and that continued cooperation with the Police should make it ever more difficult for such activities to take place.'

For further information contact Captain Michael Brew - +44 1624 686626

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