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Chief Minister praises snow response

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Chief Minister Allan Bell MHK has paid tribute to the response of public service staff, and the Island community as a whole, to the worst snow conditions for 50 years.

He has offered reassurance that Government will do all it can to help alleviate hardship in rural areas affected by the exceptional weather.

Mr Bell said he had been hugely impressed by the dedication shown by a wide range of services including the Manx Electricity Authority, Department of Infrastructure, Police, Fire Service, Civil Defence, and Coastguard.

He commented:

‘The weather over the past few days has been exceptional, but so has been the response of the people who work in our emergency services and public utilities. They have battled for long hours in extreme conditions to protect life and restore normality. Their efforts on behalf of the public have been truly heroic, and their dedication to the community outstanding. These men and women are too numerous to name individually, but they deserve the praise and thanks of the entire Island.’

The Chief Minister said he had been heartened by the way that local residents and community organisations had rallied round to supplement the work of the public services.

He commented:

‘The worst snow storms for a half a century have brought disruption to lives, and damage to livelihoods in country areas. But it is reassuring to see that in the face of adversity the Isle of Man retains such a strong community spirit and dedication to public service. For its part Government recognises that this is a particularly bleak time for farmers who have lost livestock. We will do everything we can to help them and to alleviate hardship in our rural communities.’ 

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