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'Dip don't dazzle'

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Department of Infrastructure would like to remind motorists to dip their headlights to avoid dazzling other road users.

The Highway Code requires drivers to use their headlights when visibility falls below 100metres (326 feet). You may also use your rear and front foglights but must switch these off once visibility improves. To avoid dazzling other road users headlights should be dipped in built up areas and also whenever there is oncoming traffic. Your headlights should remain dipped when following another vehicle but if you overtake it then once level you can put your lights on full beam providing there is no oncoming traffic.

With the current adverse weather it is vital for all vehicle owners to ensure that their wiper blades, light bulbs, battery water, windscreen washer water, coolant and tyres are in good order for safe driving. Please take the time to check all your lights work.

Tune into your local radio station to hear of weather updates before setting out.

In severe conditions ensure your windscreen is clear before starting out, drive in an appropriate manner and allow other drivers more space.

A check of your vehicle now could help ensure you avoid prosecution and a possible fine but more importantly may help save someone’s life. 

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