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First Phase of Peel Road reduced by 4 weeks

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Following a request by the Minister of the Department of Infrastructure, David Cretney MHK, the closure of Pulrose Bridge originally planned for 9 weeks and which will commence on Monday 11 March, will be reduced to a 5 week closure following an engineering review by the construction teams. 

This phase of the Peel Road scheme will see the bridge strengthened using concrete. To speed up the works, additional concrete formwork equipment has been sourced so that several concrete pours can be undertaken concurrently instead of one after the other. At the same time the size of the team working on this critical junction has been increased by realigning resources on the jobs from others less critical. This will speed up the work to ease the radius of the corner from Peel Road into Pulrose Road so that it can accommodate larger vehicles.

During the Pulrose Road closure a pedestrian route will be maintained, and bus service alterations during the period of closure are:

Services 1, 2, 4A, 4B, 11, 12, 12A – all journeys divert via Quarterbridge between Peel Road and Spring Valley (& vice versa) and therefore do not serve the National Sports Centre.

Service 21, 21A, 21B – all journeys departing Douglas divert via Quarterbridge and Groves Road (serving the National Sports Centre) between Peel Road and Pulrose Road.

All journeys departing Anagh Coar divert from Spring Valley via Quarterbridge to Peel Road and therefore do not serve the National Sports Centre. Diverted buses serve all stops en-route.

This work will allow Pulrose Road and Groves Road to be used as a diversion route for westbound traffic whilst the major works are carried out on Peel Road.

Once the work on Pulrose Road is complete the main work on Peel Road will start. During the major work it is planned to manage traffic by having a one-way system into Douglas on the Quarterbridge to Pulrose Road section whilst the section between Pulrose Road and Circular Road will still have two way traffic, one lane in each direction.

The work also includes an upgrade of the drainage system which will improve the drainage on the road itself as well as to the adjacent catchment area. The layout of the road will remain largely unchanged, however, improvements include better right turning lanes for improved, safer access to properties, improved pedestrian crossing points, improvements to the parking lay-by, modernisation of the bus stops and better junction layouts. Provision will also be made for the future needs of statutory undertakers (Gas, Electric, Water, Telecom) to reduce the need for further excavation in the road.

During the work the car park adjacent to the Quarterbridge Public House will become the site compound, alternative parking will be made available to patrons in the car park between the pub and the NSC entrance on New Castletown Road. Preparatory and surfacing works within this car park commenced on Monday, 4th March. Patients and staff of the Hyperbaric Chamber are also requested to park in this car park from 11th March, where a shuttle bus service will operate daily, 7.00am to 3.30pm, to transport them to and from the Chamber.

The public have also raised issues about the condition of Douglas Promenades and the Department wants to undertake the long overdue work on Peel Road now, so that the scheme does not clash with the main phases of the Douglas Promenade project which is also being planned as part of a wider programme to improve the Island’s capital.

Please continue to support the local businesses throughout the works.

Dedicated information line for public and business - telephone Mike Davies: +44 7624 498802  

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