Naturalisation and Registration

Current Processing Times

The naturalisation/registration process to approve an application is currently taking approximately 12 months for completed applications. This may be subject to change during the application process and we will notify you of any change. The Citizenship Ceremony process can take up to 3 months and is a separate process to your application process. This commences from the date of your initial invitation to attend a ceremony. You must attend a ceremony within 3 months of receiving your invitation letter. This may be subject to change during the application process.

Please note only application’s accompanied by the correct fee at the time of submission will be accepted.

The next IELTS SELT examination date is to be advised in due course.

Latest news

22 April 2016

The Isle of Man Nationality Service is accepting applications for British Citizenship. All applications should be fully completed and be accompanied by the correct fee.

Naturalisation and Registration in the Isle of Man

Naturalisation allows someone to become a British citizen and obtain the same rights and privileges as someone who was born a British citizen.

Registration is a similar process although mainly for minors and persons who already hold a British nationality status other than British citizenship. In some cases there is an entitlement to register.

You can normally apply for naturalisation as a British citizen if you have lived in the United Kingdom or Islands for five years or more, or you are married to a British citizen and have lived in the United Kingdom or Islands for three years or more.

Becoming a British citizen is a significant life event. Apart from allowing you to apply for a British citizen passport, British citizenship gives you the opportunity to participate more fully in the life of your local community.

For your application to succeed you will need to show that you satisfy a number of requirements that are set out in British nationality law. The process has a number of stages of which some are off island and can be very complex. Applicants need to allow approximately 9 to 12 months from the date of submitting their application to the nationality office to the attendance at a citizenship ceremony.

It is important that you take care in completing the form and in making sure that you satisfy all the requirements for naturalisation or registration.

Please note: The information provided on our website is not intended to be comprehensive nor is it a complete statement of immigration and nationality law or policy.

What is the criteria for becoming a British citizen?

Applications for naturalisation or registration as a British citizen are considered under the provisions of the British Nationality Act 1981.

The decision is at the discretion of the Lieutenant Governor and is based on statutory criteria such as residence, language, knowledge of life in the UK and Islands and good character.

The requirements include – but are not limited to:

  1. Meeting the required residential requirements for your application type
  2. Satisfying the good character requirement -
  3. Satisfying the English speaking and listening requirements.
  4. Satisfying the knowledge of life in the United Kingdom and Islands requirement.
  5. Demonstrating that the applicant(s) intends to have his or her home in the Isle of Man/British Isles.

More specific information on the above requirements can be found on the UK Government naturalisation at discretion webpage

Further information on British citizenship can be obtained on the UK Government website.

Abiding by immigration law is a compulsory requirement for foreign nationals (excluding EU Nationals). Making an application to acquire British citizenship is a voluntary decision made by the applicant(s). There is no requirement to apply and no right of acquisition.