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Requirements and Guidance

Applications for naturalisation or registration as a British citizen are considered under the provisions of the British Nationality Act 1981.

The decision is at the discretion of the Lieutenant Governor and is based on statutory criteria such as residence, language, knowledge of life in the UK and Islands and good character.

The requirements for Naturalisation include – but are not limited to:

There are different requirements for Registration depending on personal circumstances. Further information can be found here:

Born in the UK, Isle of Man and Islands

Children born abroad who have since become settled

You have a British parent

The Home Office provide the following publications setting out the various requirements for British citizenship. All applicants should read these before making an application to ensure that they meet each appropriate requirement to avoid having their application refused:

Naturalisation- Guide to the requirements

Naturalisation- Guide to completing the application form

Registration of children- Guide to registration of children under 18

Guidance for other application routes 

The guidance documents used when deciding applications for British citizenship can be viewed on the Home Office Website

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