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The process of becoming a British citizen can be a complex and lengthy one which culminates in the swearing or affirming of an oath of allegiance to the monarch and the taking of a pledge of loyalty to the UK at a special ceremony.

During the processing time, the Nationality service will be carrying out background checks to ensure that the applicants (where applicable) meet the good character requirements and have their biometrics enrolled. Many parts of the process are carried out by other government departments and the Home Office in the UK. Traditionally, it is these off-island elements of the process that can take the most time to complete, and which fall outside of our control and influence.

Once we have received back all of these checks and the confirmation that your biometrics are successfully enrolled, your application will have reached decision stage. This is where we decide if you may be granted British citizenship. If your application is approved, we will send your certificate to the UK to be endorsed and once it is returned you will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony where your new status will be officially granted.

Processing time

The time taken to process applications will depend on the complexity of the case and the time taken to receive back information from other departments. However, we anticipate that most applications will reach decision stage 9 to 12 months after being submitted. It may take a further 3 months until you receive your invitation to ceremony. Applicants must attend a citizenship ceremony within 3 months of the date of their initial invitation


Since 6 April 2015, all applicants, unless exempt, have been required to enrol their biometric information consisting of fingerprints and a facial image.

After you have submitted and paid for your naturalisation or registration applications, you will receive a letter from the UK Home Office. This will invite you to contact the Isle of Man Nationality Service to make an appointment to enrol your biometric information.

This may be undertaken, by prior appointment, at the Passport, Immigration and Nationality Office at Central Government Offices, Bucks Road, Douglas.

Applying through the UK

Applicants who are resident in the Isle of Man are required to apply through the Isle of Man Passport, Immigration and Nationality Office. If you apply to the Home Office in the UK your application will be returned in order for you to resubmit it here.

Receiving updates

You will not normally receive updates about how your application is progressing. If additional documents are required, we will write out to you within a month of receiving the application. Otherwise you should expect the first contact to be when we invite you to enrol your biometrics. 

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