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Knowledge of Life and Language in the Islands test

In addition to meeting the English language requirement, all those applying to naturalise as a British citizen, must pass the life in the UK and Island test.

The test can be sat in either the UK or the Isle of Man.

To sit the test in the UK, you can book it online at Life in the UK test.

To book the test at the Isle of Man College you can apply to take the test in by visiting the University College Isle of Man website.

All applicants will be tested on information contained in the official UK handbook which can be purchased by clicking on this link here - Official handbook for the Life in the UK Test

Those taking their test in the Isle of Man must also answer 5 questions in respect of the Isle of Man. Applicants can download the life in the Isle of Man supplement free of charge here - Life in the Isle of Man free supplement.

Only those who are aged over 65 or who have a physical or mental condition that prevents them from doing the test are exempt from the Knowledge of Life in the UK and Islands requirement – please note evidence must be submitted if you wish to claim an exemption.

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