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The fee for British citizenship comprises of three elements:

  • An application fee – This is non-refundable should the application be refused or you withdraw it. You should make sure you meet all the appropriate requirements before paying the fee
  • Ceremony fee – This is paid by applicants who are required to attend a citizenship ceremony. It is refunded to applicants whose applications are refused or withdrawn
  • Biometric enrolment fee

The application fees can be found below and in the downloadable documents section.

Please note only fully completed applications accompanied by the correct fee at the time of submission will be accepted.

Incomplete applications will be returned to you unprocessed, to allow you to resubmit providing the correct documentation. Any application fee paid will still be valid unless there has been an increase in fees in the intervening period in which case the difference will need to be paid at the time of re-submitting the completed application.

The application fees with effect from 6 April 2020 are as follows:

Naturalisation under S6(2) of BNA 1981 as married to British citizen £1349.20
Naturalisation under S6(1) of BNA 1981 as not married to British citizen £1349.20
Adult registration as a British citizen except under S4(C) anf 4(G)of BNA 1981 £1225.20
Adult registration as a British citizen under S4(C) and 4(G) of BNA 1981 £99.20
Registration as a British citizen of a minor (under 18 years) £1031.20
Declaration of renunciation of British citizenship £321.00
Application for the amendment or replacement of a certificate of
registration or naturalisation as a British citizen

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