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Liftshare lets you find other people to share your journey with, whether it is to and from work, the school run or a weekly visit to the shops. There is no charge for using Liftshare. Instead you just agree to share your travel costs with your ‘match’ for the journey.

There are loads of ways you can make this site work for you. Once you have registered you can:

  • Find drivers and passengers on-line instantly for FREE
  • Save money by sharing the cost of travel and parking whilst doing your bit to reduce congestion, pollution and your carbon footprint
  • Access a variety of information on travel and public transport;
  • Start or join a BUDi scheme where you can find people to walk, cycle or travel by public transport with.

Interested?  Just complete the 5 easy steps below to get started:

  1. Register for Free and start saving
  2. Enter your journey details
  3. Search for other drivers or passengers to share your journey with
  4. View the profile of other drivers and passengers
  5. Decide whether to make contact with the match provided by Liftshare.

Register for FREE and start saving.

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