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Passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)

The PRM or someone acting on their behalf must give as much information to the Airline as possible, at the time of booking the air ticket, to facilitate a smooth transition through the Airport and onto the aircraft. You need to know that the whole journey is accessible before you set out in order to make the whole flying experience a positive one. Making arrangements in advance helps those responsible provide a better service. Please ask questions and explain your requirements clearly - don't assume that staff will know or understand your particular needs.

When booking - Check with the airline before booking as services and facilities may vary. For example, check that the aircraft you will be travelling on is accessible for wheelchair passengers and has lifting armrests or if your assistance dog will be allowed to travel in the aircraft cabin. Ask for any pre-booked assistance or services to be confirmed in writing on your ticket or itinerary. Always confirm pre-booked assistance when checking in. Don't forget to book services such as baggage reclaim at your destination. Take the name of the person confirming that such assistance will be available. Insure any expensive mobility equipment such as wheelchairs against loss or damage. These are unlikely to be covered by standard policies and compensation is currently based on weight rather than value. Ensure that you brief the check-in supervisor on how your wheelchair may be dismantled and how battery packs may be removed and re-assembled for loading into the aircraft hold. It may be possible to reserve seats with more legroom. However, some airlines may charge for pre-booking, whether or not you are PRM. If you plan to drive to the Airport, ask about PRM drop off areas, which are available immediately outside the terminal building. There are also many slots in the car parks for PRM pass holders. For security reasons vehicles must not be left unattended outside the building whether in a PRM slot or not. If you are self-drive and require assistance with luggage this can be arranged in advance with the Airline.

At the Airport and on boarding the aircraft - all the check-in desks are conveniently located just inside the Airport terminal and the airline staff are always in attendance to assist. A hearing aid loop/broadcast system augments public address announcements. Toilets for PRM visitors are located throughout the terminal. All telephones are accessible by wheelchair and usable from that height. Security is important to everyone - checks are made on all passengers and baggage including disability equipment and mobility aids. Security staff are trained to conduct searches of PRM passengers with sensitivity and care and a private search area is available if required. There is a reserved seating area for passengers with special needs. Always inform the Airline where you will be sitting and ensure that they know what your disability is in order that you get the assistance you require. Staff will update you with flight information if they know you are unable to read display screens or hear announcements. PRM passengers who need assistance are normally asked to board first and disembark last, as it is easier and less stressful to manoeuvre in an empty aircraft. Wheelchair users will, if required, be able to remain in their own wheelchair to the aircraft but will then need to transfer to an on-board chair to get on the aircraft. Transfer is via an Ambulift vehicle, which is able to adjust to the height of the doorsill of the aircraft type being boarded. On some types of aircraft a specially adapted ramp is used to transfer passengers from the Ambulift to the door of the aircraft. There is no air bridge facility at this Airport. Cabin crew will help you during the flight. However, they are not able to lift passengers in and out of seats and airlines can require that passengers travel with a companion if they are not self-sufficient. Some Airlines offer a discount on the cost of a flight ticket to the travelling companion; this should be confirmed with the Airline at the time of booking.

We hope that all our facilities meet your needs, but if there is anything that we have overlooked, or that could be improved, then please do not hesitate to contact the Ports Standard Manager:

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