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Welcome to a view of Manx Aviation History. These pages contain text and images describing both aviation in the Isle of Man generally, and the development of Ronaldsway as an airport. Images are shown as thumbnails, linked to the full image. Thumbnails are generally around 5k, full images usually under 30k; none are more than 45k.

It has become apparent that this area will never actually be completed - as research continues more and more material is being discovered, and so it is intended to incorporate it into the collection on an on-going basis. If you are interested in aviation history then it will be worth checking back here regularly.

Pre AviationArcheological Information
1902 First Flight
1911 Claude Graham-White
1912 Gustave Hamel
1914 The Schneider Trophy
1920 Aviation Developments
1932 British Amphibious Airlines Ltd
1932 Development of Ronaldsway Airport
1936 Manx Air Races
1940 No.1 Gunnery School
1943 RNAS Ronaldsway
1944 H.M.S. Urley
1945 Post war airlines - BEA and the Independents
Control Tower Interior views
G-ACLL Leopard Moth De Havilland DH85 Leopard Moth G-ACLL


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