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Entry to the Isle of Man as a Standard Visitor


If you want to visit the Isle of Man:

  • for leisure – for example on holiday or to see your family and friends
  • for business or to take part in sports or creative events
  • for another reason – for example to receive private medical treatment

You can apply online here at the UK Visas and Immigration website for a Standard Visitor visa.

Schengen visas are not valid in the Isle of Man and cannot be issued by the Isle of Man Immigration Office.

It is the responsibility of any person making an application for entry clearance or to vary their leave to satisfy themselves that they meet the requirements for the category to which they are applying before making such an application. The Isle of Man Immigration Service strongly recommends each applicant seeks their own independent legal advice from a person qualified to give immigration advice.

The Isle of Man Immigration Service are regulators for immigration services in the Isle of Man. Accordingly, its officers are unable to give advice on immigration matters as this could result in a conflict of interest when considering an application which might be made.

Do I need a visit visa?

If you already hold a valid visit visa for the UK, you do not need to apply for a separate visa to visit the Isle of Man at the same time.

Holders of a valid visa for the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands can travel freely around the Common Travel Area without the need for applying for a specific visa for the Isle of Man.  

Nationals of certain countries do not need to apply for entry clearance prior to travel to the Isle of Man/United Kingdom. Instead they are assessed at the point of entry into the United Kingdom.

Find out if you need to apply for entry clearance before travelling.

Passengers arriving on the Isle of Man via Dublin must present themselves and their Passport to the Isle of Man Immigration Office.

If you visit the Isle of Man on business

You can apply for a Standard Visitor visa if you want to visit the Isle of Man for business-related activities, for example:

  • you are coming to the Isle of Man for a conference, meeting or training
  • you want to take part in a specific sports-related event
  • you are an artist, entertainer or musician and coming to the Isle of Man to perform
  • your are an academic and are doing research or accompanying students on a study abroad programme
  • you’re a doctor or dentist and are coming to the Isle of Man to take a clinical attachment or observer post
  • you want to get funding to start, take over, join or run a business in the UK

Check Appendix V of the Isle of Man Immigration Rules to find the full list of business-related activities you can do with a Standard Visitor visa.

What you can and can’t do

You can:

  • take part in any of the business-related activities mentioned in the Visitor Rules
  • study for up to 30 days, as long as it’s not the main reason for your visit (except English Language courses)
  • take part in an exchange programme or educational visit (if you’re under 18)
  • convert your civil partnership into a marriage
  • pass through the Isle of Man in transit (on your way to another country)

You can’t:

  • do paid or unpaid work
  • live in the Isle of Man for long periods of time using your visit visa for frequent visits
  • get public funds
  • marry or register a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership

How long you can stay

You can usually stay in the Isle of Man for up to 6 months.

You might be able to stay for longer if:

  • you’re coming to the Isle of Man for private medical treatment - up to 11 months
  • you’re an academic on sabbatical and coming to the UK for research - you, your spouse or civil partner may be able to stay for up to 12 months

If you need to visit the Isle of Man regularly

If you need to visit the Isle of Man regularly over a longer period, you can apply for a long-term Standard Visitor visa that lasts 2, 5 or 10 years. You can stay for a maximum of 6 months on each visit.

Caution must be exercised by the holder of a long-term visit visa so that they are not seen to be using successive and frequent visits as a means of living in the UK or Isle of Man. Entry to the UK may be denied if it is felt this is the case.

Please note: 

If you are a non-visa national who can visit the Isle of Man without a visa, you will need prior entry clearance if you wish to come to the Isle of Man in any other category.

You will not be able to apply for further leave to remain in the Isle of Man if you arrived in the United Kingdom/Isle of Man as a visitor. 

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