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Please refer to this webpage if you have queries about travelling with an Isle of Man Immigration Status.

The Home Office Common Travel Area Guidance states that the Crown Dependencies issue immigration leave using a wet ink stamp in a passport. The wet ink stamp in your passport is valid evidence of your Isle of Man immigration status, and can be used for entry into the UK and Channel Islands.

The UK Home Office Common Travel Area guidance states that the Crown Dependencies (the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey) do not issue visa vignettes or biometric residence permits. Permission continues to be issued using a wet ink stamp in holder’s passports. These endorsements are equally valid for entry to and residence in the UK under Schedule 4 to the Immigration Act 1971 (of the United Kingdom).

Please be aware that travel carriers may be liable to penalty if they carry an individual without a valid immigration document and therefore they may also ask to see evidence of your immigration status. For this reason you should ensure that you always have the passport with your wet ink stamp, as well as your Information letter, when travelling directly to the UK or Isle of Man from an international destination.


Carriers are encouraged to contact the UK Carriers Liaison Section should they wish further verification of the acceptability of an Isle of Man visa in the form of a wet ink stamp, for an individual’s entry at the UK Border.

Guidance for travel carriers and how they may verify an Immigration status at a UK Port can be found on

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