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Foreign nationals and entry clearance applications

Foreign nationals

The admission of foreign nationals is regulated by the Isle of Man Immigration Rules. The Rules lay down the requirements for the entry and stay of foreign nationals in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man Rules, whilst not identical to the United Kingdom (UK) Rules, are based on the UK Rules and are very similar. However, they are not identical and there are some provisions within the UK Rules that do not apply here and some in the Isle of Man Rules that do not apply in the UK. There are also, as in the UK, provisions within the Rules that apply only to Commonwealth citizens. It is important that people interested in emigrating to the Isle of Man check to see what the requirements are as it may be that an entry clearance is required. Without the necessary entry clearance the passenger may be refused entry to the United Kingdom or the Isle of Man.

Entry clearance applications

All applications for Visa/Entry Clearance to the Isle of Man should be made at the nearest British post (Embassy, High Commission or Consulate) to the applicant’s place of residence. 

Whilst the Isle of Man has its own Immigration Rules, the United Kingdom represents the Isle of Man's overseas interest in Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs. British posts overseas accept and process visa applications for the Isle of Man, referring the applications to the Islands Entry Clearance Officers for approval/refusal. Applications for entry clearance to the Isle of Man are completed on UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) application forms and most can be submitted online with the relevant UK Visa Application Form (VAF).

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they select the correct entry clearance type/category for their intended purpose and provide all necessary supporting documentation. Many applicants find it helpful to engage the services of local Immigration Advisors. 

The Isle of Man Immigration office aims to processes entry clearance applications, from the date we receive all documentation from the British post, within 21 working days. However, some applications may take longer to process. The Isle of Man Immigration office has no control over how long it takes the British overseas post to send the documents. 

Check the current processing times at your nearest British oversea post.

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