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Position: Lat 54 19.9N Lon 04 22.5W

Ramsey Harbour

This is a well sheltered, tidal (+/- 2 ½ hours HW) port but access can be difficult in strong easterly winds as the entrance is via a narrow channel between 2 breakwaters. The harbour is busy with commercial vessels dealing with regular lo-lo services from the United Kingdom and Ireland and is the only Manx port with facilities to handle imports of bulk cement. The harbour, directly alongside the town centre, also has its own small shipyard, used mainly by local and visiting fishing vessels.

The disused Queen's Pier in Ramsey Bay was built in 1886 to provide a low water landing for passenger ferries and was last used in 1970. Debates continue on the various proposals currently being considered for its future.

See Navigation advice in related links.


  • Berths available
  • Outer Harbour: Seaward side of the swingbridge is for commercial vessels only
  • Inner Harbour: Drying berths for leisure craft
  • Access available only at high water +/- 2 hours


  • Swingbridge: Available 7am to 4pm daily or by prior arrangement (24 hours notice required) contact Harbour Office
  • Harbour Office: Emergency Telephone (24 hours)
  • East Quay: Fresh water
  • Town Quay: Fresh water; 220-250V AC
  • West Quay: Fresh water; 220-250V AC; slip (Grid)
  • North Quay: Fresh water; 220-250V AC
  • Shipyard Quay: Slip
  • Old Harbour: Slip moorings
  • Seasonal mooring buoys close NW of Queen's Pier head
  • Note: Landing on Queen's Pier is prohibited
  • Waste: bins are available on quay and Harbour Yard – contact Harbour Office for other waste

Marine engineering and electrical repairs; Electronics repairs; Hull repairs; P and D (cans) + gas from local garages

Yacht Club - Manx Sailing and Cruising Club

Telephone:+44 1624 813494

Town amenities:

(early closing Wednesday; limited Sunday and Bank Holiday opening)

  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Post Office

Harbour Office opening hours:

7am to 4pm daily and when vessels are expected


Harbour Keeper: Mr Keith Swales

Ramsey Harbour Office

East Quay



Telephone:+44 1624 812245

Email:Send Email

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