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Position: Lat 54 13.6 N Lon 04 41.7 W

Peel HarbourTraditionally a major fishing port which used to host a huge fishing fleet, Peel remains the most active fishing port on the Isle of Man. It is also a major port for the importation of fuel oils and does host the occasional cruise ship visit. Situated on the west coast, Peel also has a comprehensive fish and shellfish processing industry and is home to the traditional art of kipper curing with guided tours organised for visitors throughout the curing season (May to September).

Peel's striking feature is its ancient castle overlooking the entrance to the Inner Harbour, which also features the award-winning House of Manannan heritage centre, open all year round to visitors.

Purt ny Hinshey - the Manx Gaelic name of Peel is translated as 'Port of the island' (inis), i.e. the port near St. Patrick's Isle or inis Patrick.

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Entry to the harbour is from the N to the NE. Care must be taken in strong NW'ly to NE'ly winds, which may cause heavy seas at the entrance. If approaching from the south, a good offing is recommended from the end of the breakwater, until the transit of the Groyne Beacon and the conspicuous power station chimney are in line 207o. At night, the leading line is marked by 2 synchronised Fl.R.5s lights. Entry is then between the breakwater and the Groyne Beacon. If berthing on the breakwater, the berths are to starboard. If continuing to the Inner Harbour, pass between Castle Jetty Occ.G.7s and the East Quay Pier Occ.R.7s to approach the swing bridge

Berths available

Peel offers deepwater berths at the Breakwater, which can become heavily congested by fishing vessels and visiting craft throughout the summer months. Coastal tankers also berth at the outer end of the Breakwater, approximately twice every month. There are also drying berths at the East Quay Tongue which dry out at low water. Three visitor buoys are laid to seaward of the end of the groyne, SE of the end of the Breakwater and are available on a short term basis. These can be used for overnight berthing, or short term for waiting for the tide to enter the marina.

Peel swingbridge and Marina access

Peel Inner Harbour and Marina is accessible through a swing bridge and lowering flap gate for approximately 2 hours either side of High Water. Prior bookings for marina berths are not accepted and berthing is allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis.

The swingbridge will normally be swung half hourly on the hour and half hour by request. The bridge will also be swung immediately the flap gate has lowered on a rising tide, and will be swung just before the flap gate is due to raise on a falling tide to ensure early exit and late entry if requested. The bridge will also be swung in cases of emergency, or, exceptionally, on special request for a specified reason. Weather conditions will also be taken into account when granting a special request for a bridge swing.

Once the bridge has been swung open and in order to give priority to vessels it may, if there is sufficient demand, remain open for up to 20 minutes.

During working hours, 8am to 4.30pm, the bridge will normally be operated locally by the Harbour Keepers. Outside of these hours or for operational reasons the bridge will be operated remotely by the Marine Operations Centre, Douglas. Visiting boat owners arriving or in Peel should contact 'Peel Harbour' on VHF 12 to arrange a berth and to request the timing of the next bridge swing.

Peel Harbour is manned 7 days a week, normally 8am to 4.30pm, and requests for a berth and bridge swing may be made to 'Peel Harbour' on VHF 12 or tel:

Telephone:+44 1624 842338, mobile: +44 7624 495036

Email:Send Email

Out of hours, VHF 12 calls will be answered by the Marine Operations Centre in Douglas, which may also be directly contacted:

Marine Operations Centre

Telephone: +44 1624 686612 (24 hour)

Email:Send Email

Mariners are advised to comply with the traffic signals shown at the bridge and proceed only on the green signal. Exiting vessels will normally be given priority, and entering vessels are requested to ensure that they do not block the channel for exiting vessels.

Marina Berths

There are a small number of 12m and 10m marina berths available for visiting yachts and these will be allocated upon arrival. The berth will normally be communicated by VHF 12. The marina has power and water, and a facility block with showers and toilets. Access cards for the marina gates and facilities are available from the Harbour Office.

  • An application form for Pontoon contract can be downloaded on this page through the side bar.
  • Approximate monthly operating times for the flapgate can be downloaded on this page through the side bar
  • Visitor enquiries by phone 


  • Emergency Telephone (available 24 hours)
  • Fresh water
  • 220-250V AC
  • Showers available in the marina and at Peel Sailing and Cruising Club
  • Diesel available from fuelling berth at East Quay. Fuel cards may be purchased from the MFPO Offices near House of Manannan close to marina gate.
  • Petrol available in cans from local garages
  • Waste - bins are available on quay and Harbour Yard – contact Harbour Office for other waste

Town amenities (early closing Thursday):

  • Banks
  • post office
  • shops
  • bars
  • chemist

Harbour Office opening hours:

8am to 4pm daily and when vessels expected


Harbour Keeper: Mr Mark Leece, Mr Michael Main

Peel Harbour Office

East Quay



Telephone:+44 1624 842338, mobile: +44 7624 495036

Email:Send Email

Out of hours contact:

Marine Operations Centre

Telephone: +44 1624 686612 (24 hour)

Email:Send Email

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