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Mooring and storage charges - 2016/17

All charges are exclusive of VAT


  • Department deep water mooring:  £225.99

  • Private deep water mooring: £72.90

Pontoon Charges

ServiceCharges 2016/17 (excl VAT)
DOUGLAS and PEEL Inner Harbours
  • £144.84 for each meter or part metre 
  • £724.20 minimum charge for vessels under 5m
  • £15.30 for each meter or part metre
  • £76.50 minimum charge for vessels under 5m
  • £2.55 for each meter for each 24 hour period

Storage Charges 

ServiceCharges 2016/17 (excl VAT)
DOUGLAS Tongue and North Quay boat parks
Annual over 6m £688.50
Monthly £68.85
7 days or part of a 7 day period £17.34
Annual Under 6m £359.04
Monthly £35.90
7 days or part of a 7 day period £9.18 (minimum 1 week term applies)
Annual over 6m £379.44
Monthly £37.94
Annual Under 6m £199.92
Monthly £19.99 (minimum 1 month term applies)

Miscellaneous Charges

ServiceCharges 2016/17 (excl VAT)
Electricity Cards £4.08 (for use with power pedestals on quay sides and pontoons)
Fresh Water Water for each cubic metre £1.99
Labour charge for each deliver £35.70 
Grid Hire (dry maintenance berth) hire for each day
  • Pleasure Craft £17.85
  • Commercial vessels:
    • under 65 gross tons £25.50
    • 65-125 gross tons £42.33
    • 125 gross tons and over £59.16
Pleasure Craft Registration Fee £32.13
  • £3.22 for IOMSPCO & All other harbours related use
  • £7.91 for all other users
Harbour Facilities Access Cards/Fobs Issued Free on request on payment of Harbour Dues or Boat Parking charges. (max 2 fobs per boat).

Extra or replacement cards charged at £10.20
Pleasure Boat Licence (expires 31 March) £14.79 per annum
Boatman's Licence (expires 31 March) £9.95 per annum
Administration Charge (for hourly labour charges on ad-hoc invoices) £38.76
Oil and Gas Tanker Ship / ISPS Security Charges (up to 12 hours)
Over 12 hours – per hour

£19.89 per hour

Tarroo Ushtey Hire Charges £1224.00 [8 hour day]
£204.00 per hour
Viking Warrior £685.54 [8 hour day]
£89.53 per hour
Filming Charges Minimum charges when on Harbour Property:
  • £71.40 per vehicle per day / part day for parking
  • £204.00 per hour for filming
  • £78.54 per hour for setting up / decommissioning


  1. All the above charges are inclusive of VAT at 20%.
  2. The Department accepts no responsibility for any vessels, or other equipment, stored on its property and responsibility rests with the owner.
  3. All necessary documentation and payments must be completed prior to the boat being placed in storage or on mooring.
  4. Trailered vessels includes rigid inflatables, dinghies and any other trailer-launched vessel.
  5. For storage on Tongue, Battery Pier and Umber Quay a minimum charge of 1 week may apply as appropriate. For all other areas, a minimum charge of the appropriate monthly fee will apply.
  6. Trailers, storage frames or other equipment to be stored at the discretion of the Port Manager at an appropriate rate.
  7. Vessels stored on selected areas, as approved by the Department, to be charged standard rates discounted by 40%.
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