A Greenlane is an unsurfaced road through the countryside for pedestrians, 4x4s, motorcycles, mountain bikes and horses. Some are 'Greenway Roads' which have restrictions. On Greenlanes, vehicle users should give way to pedestrians and horse riders, and be aware that farm animals may be in the road at any time.

A Greenway Road has a weight restriction of 500kg. Permits may be obtained to take vehicles onto these roads.

Vehicles over 500kg unladen weight

A Greenways Permit is required for large vehicles over 500kg unladen weight to use the road. There are conditions placed upon the issue of the permit such as the times (if appropriate), date(s) and purpose for which a vehicle is permitted to use a specified Greenway. Agricultural Vehicles are Exempt.

Obtaining a Greenways Permit

These can be obtained from the Department of Infrastructure or can be downloaded from this page.

Cyclist rights

Off road cyclists have a right to use on all Greenlanes and Greenways but should be careful when passing pedestrians and horses who also have a right of way. Cyclists are not allowed on public rights of way.

Riding horses off-road

Horse riders have a right to use on all Greenlanes and Greenway Roads.

Motorcyclist rights

Many Greenlanes and Greenway Roads display a white 'speed limit' notice advising motorcyclists not to exceed 20mph. The usual advice is to slow down when passing pedestrians and horses. Motorcycling is prohibited on public footpaths.

Greenlane signs

Some entrances to Greenlanes are signed 'Unsuitable for Motors', but they may be suitable for 4 wheel drive vehicles. Greenway Roads identified by a 'green' traffic sign mean that vehicles exceeding 500kg unladen weight are prohibited. A greenways permit is available for vehicles which are classed as exempt.