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Vehicles used by Isle of Man students in the UK

The following information has been provided by the UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) regarding students from the Isle of Man temporarily importing a vehicle into the UK for the duration of their studies.

Vehicles from the Isle of Man which are circulating temporarily in the UK are allowed to be used on public roads without the need to register or pay duties in the UK. Visits are limited to 1 year from the date of temporary importation and the vehicle must comply with the registration, licensing and insurance requirements of the Isle of Man.

In special cases, such as students attending university or school, the exemption period from registering and licensing a foreign registered vehicle in the UK may be extended provided Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) grant an exemption. The exemption granted by HMRC is an exemption from customs relief. As a result of qualifying for the customs relief exemption, the keeper of the vehicle will also qualify for an exemption from registering and licensing the vehicle in the UK.

Any vehicle belonging to a student attending university or school in the UK for a set period will not need to be taxed and registered in the UK until the expiry of the exemption from customs relief. However, the vehicle must be fully registered and taxed in accordance with the Isle of Man requirements at all times.

Whilst any query about vehicle registration and licensing requirements and the exemption would have to be made with DVLA, any application for an exemption from customs relief would have to be submitted through HMRC.

Any student should write to:


Personal Transport Unit

Customs Belfast

Level 9 Dorchester House

52-58 Great Victoria Street



Email:Send Email

providing a brief outline of the circumstances regarding their case.

To ensure that an Isle of Man student does not become eligible to register and licence their vehicle in the UK, or need to exchange their driving licence for a UK licence, the student should return to the Island with their vehicle, at least once a year and check that it is correctly registered and licensed and that their insurance covers them for use in the UK.

If a student intends to stay in the UK for longer than 1 year they should apply to the DVLA for an exemption as described above.

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