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Number plates

Are black and white number plates legal?

BlackĀ and white number plates are only legal on vehicles manufactured before 1 February 1990.

What type of number plates have replaced black and white?

Retro-reflective yellow (back) and white (front) plates must be used on vehicles manufactured on or after 1 February 1990. (They can also be used on earlier vehicles if the owner wishes).

Must we use hyphens on number plates?

Hyphens are not required to separate a letter from a figure (and vice versa) appearing on the same line where the letters and numbers are 79mm or 89mm high. Hyphens must not be used to separate a letter from a letter or a figure from a figure.

What is the standard size character appearing on a number plate?

The new sizes are 79mm high x 44mm with 11.5mm stroke (which appears on the Ellan Vannin type plates with the 3 legs symbol on) or 79mm high x 50mm, with 14mm stroke, which is used on plain plates.

What is the minimum size of character on a number plate?

70mm high x 36mm, with 10mm stroke. On motorbike plates, the height can be 64mm.

Can italics or different sizes of characters be used on a number plate?

Italic or ornamental characters must not be used on number plates. Characters on a number plate must be of the permitted size, be vertical and have constant stroke width.

What colour characters can appear on a number plate?

On retro-reflective number plates characters must be either solid black, or black and grey 3D effect.

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