Exporting a vehicle

Do I need to purchase an Export Certificate?

If exporting a vehicle you can normally use the vehicle registration certificate (MVR6). It should be accepted by most licensing authorities depending on the country you are exporting it to. Check the requirements of the destination country first. Remember to take the tax disc out of the vehicle in order to claim a refund for any unused months. N.B. Only the registered keeper of the vehicle can apply for the refund.

If my answer is ’NO’, what should I do next?

Notify IOM Post Office Licensing by completing MVR9 - Declaration of Export. Also complete R1 form and attach the licence disc for a refund of unused tax. This form should be submitted to the address shown on it. Please allow up to six weeks for
receipt of refund cheque or credit to your bank account.

If my answer is ‘YES’

Complete MVR9 – Declaration of Export, and submit with the Vehicle Registration Certificate (MVR6). You will need to pay the appropriate fee, details of which can be found on the MVR9. An Export Certificate will be posted to you.

How do I retain my Registration Number?

You will need to - Complete form C1 for a Cherished Retention Certificate in addition to the MVR9.

Failure to notify the Licensing Office of a vehicle export by not submitting Declaration of Export (MVR9) form may result in the loss of your Cherished Registration Number. If the vehicle is reregistered with another authority without the declaration and we receive notification from that authority the vehicle will be deregistered upon notification and the number will return for general sale. The full fee will then be charged for the number.

What if I am exporting a vehicle but wish to transfer its Isle of Man registration
number on to another vehicle in the Isle of Man, straight away?

That can be done, you will need:

  • MVR9 form (Declaration of Export)

  • MVR2 form (Change of ownership and/or registration)

  • the MVR6 (Vehicle Registration Certificate/Log book) for both vehicles

  • You will also need to take the licence disc from the vehicle the number is being transferred to. You will be issued with anew licence disc for this vehicle relating to the Cherished number. The current insurance certificate relating to the vehicle will also be required

What will I receive?

A Vehicle Registration (MVR6) for the vehicle that has now been registered with your transferred registration number will be posted to you along with an export certificate for the vehicle you are exporting.


Export Certificate costs £8.

Emergency transactions will incur a further £23 fee.