Data held and data protection

Vehicle specifications

The Driver and Vehicle Administration System (DVAS) is capable of holding all the technical details of vehicles including information regarding CO2 emissions and its Euro emission status which is the emission standard set by European Directives to which the vehicle has been manufactured. If this information is included on the documentation required to register the vehicle, ie the V5C or the V55/1, it will be included on DVAS and shown on the Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Not all vehicles registered on the Isle of Man have CO2 emission data recorded and such information has only been recorded when available for vehicles registered on the Island after 26 October 2008.

Personal details

It is essential that the full name, address, post code and date of birth of the owner or keeper of the vehicle are correct and that the person responsible for the vehicle is of the legal age to drive the vehicle.

The date of birth of the vehicle keeper is important to accurately identify a person with the correct vehicle, especially when two people with the same initial or name reside in the same property. Date of birth will also be required for online licensing.

Vehicle registration and licensing procedures will apply the principles of current Data Protection Legislation as applied in the Isle of Man and the provisions contained in the Licensing and Registration of Vehicle Act 1985 and the Licensing and Registration of Vehicles Regulations 2015.

We will only seek information relevant to your vehicle or driving entitlement and will not disclose your information unless we have a statutory obligation or are permitted by law to do so.  To read more about how we collect, use and store your personal data, please see the Department’s Privacy Notice