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Snaefell Mountain Railway

Dating from 1895, Laxey is the starting point for the Snaefell Mountain Railway, a unique Victorian enterprise which winds its way up 2,000 feet to the top of Snaefell. Snaefell is the Island's only mountain, its summit 2036 feet (621 metres) above sea level. The name Snaefell, or Sniaull in Manx, comes from the Norse for Snow Mountain.

MEROn your journey up the mountain there are spectacular views on a clear day. It's the only place in the British Isles where you can see seven kingdoms - England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Heaven, Mann and the Sea - just by turning around.

The weather on Snaefell is as famous as the railway itself, while the weather may be sunny and clear down in Douglas, it may be a completely different story at the top of the mountain. You can be standing with your head in the sunshine and your legs in fog! To ensure that your journey provides unlimited views why not check out the mountain's webcams?

Services operate at regular intervals between April and September. There is no winter service: the overhead wires on the exposed upper part of the route are taken down to avoid damage from icing.

A range of Special Dining Events offering stunning views, and are held at the Snaefell summit, such as the popular Sunset Dinners, Seven Kingdoms Sunday Lunch and Pie in the Sky, featuring stargazing and supper with the Island's Astronomical Society.

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