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My card doesn't work – what do I do?

A very small percentage of Go cards may be faulty. Your bus driver will tell you if the chip inside your card does not register with the electronic ticket machine reader on the bus. A standard fare will have to be paid until it is replaced, except for children using Go School cards.

It is important to register your Go card online or keep a record of the card number. Without this information we will be unable to transfer any remaining credit to a new card.

If your Go School card does not work because of a fault:

  •  the driver will retain the card and issue a faulty card receipt for it to the child
  • providing the card has been registered, bus vannin will aim to get a replacement card to the purchaser at the registered address, within three working days
  •  the child can use the receipt to travel for up to two days until the card is replaced.

For other faulty Go cards, please take the card to one of the main card issuing stations or the Welcome Centre where a replacement will be issued with no activation charge.

Fares paid while your card was not working can be refunded for up to 2 days by completing the 4R form, providing tickets or receipts are supplied.

If your card is physically damaged or defaced, you will need to obtain a replacement card and register this under the same account. We will transfer any outstanding credit to your new card if we are able to establish the amount. Please allow 48 hours from the time a faulty card is 'hotlisted' – deactivated – for any remaining trips to be transferred on to a replacement card.

Go School cards will not work outside the time limits for their use: (SCH1 and SCH2) are valid until 6pm on school days until the end of the school term 2016 (22 July 2016). Standard fare (half fare for children aged 5 to 15 years) is payable after this time. Always ensure you board the bus before 6pm on school days if you are intending to use a school journey on your Go School card.

Go College (SCH3) is for full time students aged 16-19 years attending the IoM College of Further & Higher Education. It is valid during college term time up to 9.30pm on journeys to/from the college to enable students to access evening classes. A college ID card must also be carried and shown to the driver. Journeys can be taken only on Douglas routes away from the college after 6pm.

Cards are automatically deactivated if not used for 12-15 months depending on card type. Once deactivated, cards cannot be re-activated.

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