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Bus and Rail Travel Updates

Information on current and future travel disruptions.

Road Racing 2019 Events

Bus services are liable to diversion or cancellation due to the various events which occur on our Island. Below is a list of some of the main events for 2019.

8 to 11 July Billown Circuit Southern 100 Races
14 July Douglas Promenade Douglas Carnival
17 – 31 August TT Course Festival of Motorcycling
November Various Roads Pokerstars Rally

Prior to each event detailed alterations to bus services will be provided.

Timetable change from 20 May - Morning Services 11 and 1H from Port Erin

Commencing on Monday 20 May 2019 the 0727 Service 11 the 0731 Service 1H departures from Port St. Mary operate as follows.

Port St. Mary 0727 0731
Port Erin, dep 0735 0748
Colby 0744 0757
Castletown Square 0756 --
School Hill shelter -- 0805
Ronaldsway Airport 0804 --
Ballasalla 0809 0814
Douglas, Victoria Street 0832 0837
Douglas, Loch Prom, dep 0837 0850
Birch Hill 0855 --
Hailwood Avenue 0900 0907
Willaston, school 0904 --
Nobles Hospital -- 0918
Douglas, Lord Street 0919 0945

These changes alter which buses serve Castletown Square and Ronaldsway Airport with departures from Castletown Square to Douglas from 0700 to 0900 at 0710, 0724, 0739, 0756, 0801 (via the IOM Business Park), 0832 and 0854.

All other morning buses from Port Erin to Douglas are unchanged.

Change to bus stop location in Lord Street from Monday 2 September

Due to the Douglas regeneration works, with effect from Monday 2 September 2019 buses are unable to use Shelter A at Lord Street until March 2020.

The alternative boarding location for Services 4, 4C, 10, 21, 21A, 21B, 21H & 29 is on North Quay beside the car park.

One-way on Shore Road, Rushen – from 1300 on Friday 13 September 2019

Due to highway resurfacing works, Shore Road in Rushen is to be one-way only between Fisher’s Hill and the Shore Hotel from 1300 on Friday 13 September until 28 September 2019, or until the works are completed.

During these works all Service 1A, 2, 2A & 12A  buses scheduled to travel via Shore Road between Port Erin or Port St. Mary and Castletown divert from the Four Roads roundabout via Colby and  Ballabeg.

These re-routed buses do not serve the stops on the diversionary route between the Ballakillowey roundabout and Ballabeg Railway Station (inclusive).

End to End Walk - Sunday 15 September 2019

For this event the Sloc Road between the Round Table crossroads and Ballakillowey Estate is closed from 1300 to 1630.

Service 8R:  The 1530 departure from Port Erin diverts from the Ballakillowey roundabout via Colby, Ballabeg, Cross Four Ways and Ballamodha to Higher Foxdale - therefore not serving the Sloc or Round Table.


Closure of Peveril Road in Peel - 16 September 2019

Due to gas pipe replacement from 16 September and until 4 October 2019, or the work is completed whichever is earlier, Peveril Road in Peel is closed in the area of Mount Morrison.

During the period of closure the House of Manannan and Peel Promenade stops are only served by the Service 5/5C journeys shown below.

On arrival in Peel from Douglas Service 6/6A journeys operate direct via Albany Road to the Peel Town Hall stop - departing the Town Hall stop at 10 minutes past each hour via Christian Street, Derby Road and Ballaquane Road to Belle Vue.

Services 5/5C From the House of Manannan via Peel Promenade to the Town Hall stop.

0944 5 Monday to Sunday to Ramsey
1044 5 Monday to Saturday to Ramsey / Sunday to Douglas
1144 5C Monday to Sunday to Ramsey (on Sunday as Ser 5)
1244 5 Monday to Saturday to Ramsey / Sunday to Douglas
1344 5C Monday to Sunday to Ramsey (on Sunday as Ser 5)
1444 5 Monday to Saturday to Ramsey / Sunday to Douglas
1544 5C Saturday & Sunday to Ramsey (on Sunday as Ser 5)
1644 5 Sunday only to Douglas
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