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Bus Vannin Winter Weekend Sale

Simply Go: Weekend Special

Between 11 January to 1 March every weekend we are offering huge bus travel savings.

The discount ticket options are:

1. Family Fun: Travel on buses unlimited on Saturday or Sunday for up to 2 adults and 3 children for £10! This is a saving of up to £14.50.

Here’s some inspiration of what you could do, if you want further help on journey planning please call +44 1624 662525 and the team will be happy to help you:

Ride & Climb (Visiting Peel, Foxdale Ape Mann & Castletown)
StopBus numberBus timeThings to do
Douglas, Lord Street Stop B

Peel, House of Manannan
5 Depart: 0907

Arrive: 0944

House of Manannan 10am-5pm

Davison's Ice Cream

Peel Fish & Chips
Peel, Town Hall

Foxdale (change to 4C at Foxdale School)

Foxdale (alight Shoulder Road, Ballamodha)

Depart: 1227

Arrive: 1243 Depart: 1243

Arrive: 1246

Ape Mann:
+44 7624 494252

Layser Mayhem: +44 7624 234555
Shoulder Road, Ballamodha (via Silverdale)

Castletown, Square
4C Depart: 1446

Arrive: 1507

Secret Pizza
Castletown, Square

Victoria Street, Douglas
2 Depart: 1624

Arrive: 1700
Full Day Explorer - Whistlestop Tour of the Island (visiting Port Erin, Castletown, Peel & Ramsey)
StopBus numberBus timeThings to do
Lord Street, Douglas

Port Erin
1 Depart: 0905

Arrive: 0955

Beach, Shops
Port Erin (via Port St Mary)

2 Depart: 1100

Arrive: 1124

Secret Pizza


Foxdale (change to number 4 bus)


Peel, Town Hall

Depart: 1315

Arrive: 1338

Depart: 1338


Peel, Town Hall

Ramsey, Bus Station
5 Depart: 1450

Arrive: 1536

Bowling, Swimming
Ramsey, Bus Station

Douglas, Lord Street
3A Depart: 1715

Arrive: 1807
Wildlife & Fun Bam (visiting Peel, Wildlife Park, Ramsey & Manx Fun Barn)
StopBus numberBus timeThings to do
Lord Street, Douglas

Peel, Town Hall
5 Depart: 0907

Arrive: 0938

Peel, Town Hall

Wildlife Park
5 Depart: 1050

Arrive: 1117

2 hours at Wildlife Park
Wildlife Park

Ramsey, Bus Station

Depart: 1317

Arrive: 1336

Shops, Morragh Park
Ramsey, Bus Station

Onchan (alight Laser Blast, Whitebridge)
3 Depart: 1445

Arrive: 1517

Manx Fun Barn
Laser Blast, Whitebridge

Lord Street, Douglas
3 Depart: 1647

Arrive: 1707

2. Or you could buy any one day adult or child Bus Saver ticket on Saturday and get Sunday travel for FREE! This offer also includes night owls.

What’s more is that any valid Bus Saver product will be accepted on our Night Owl at no additional cost!

The weekends these offer are valid until are:

11 Jan 12 Jan
18 Jan 19 Jan
25 Jan 26 Jan
1 Feb 2 Feb
8 Feb 9 Feb
15 Feb 16 Feb
29 Feb 1 Mar

To learn more about our Go cards and how you can save as you travel, visit our Bus and Rail page.  

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