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Road traffic orders for events

Guidance for organisers of events held on public roads

Highways Services Section is responsible for approving and making temporary road traffic orders for events held on public roads.

Applications for a temporary closure of a highway made under Section 38 of the Highways Act 1986 apply to applications for permission to hold events such as carnivals, parades, markets etc. These applications must be submitted as early as possible, or no later than 3 months before the event. This is to enable officers to discuss traffic management and safety arrangements with the organisers in good time.

See Event safety for guidance from the Event Safety Advisory Group relating to organising any event.

Road Races

The Road Races Act 1982 is used for road races such as cycling events, motorcycle races or rallies.

Applications for road races must be submitted as early as possible and not less than 6 months prior to the proposed event. This will enable discussions to be held with organisers to ensure that all legal, safety and traffic management documents and arrangements are in place.

General guidance for all events held on public roads

The following general guidance applies to all bodies or organisers of works or events held on public roads.

  1. It is the responsibility of the organiser of any proposed work or event to consult well in advance of the commencement of the work or event with all services which may be affected such as the Police, Local Authorities, statutory undertakers (water, gas, electricity, telecoms, buses and ambulances) as well as notifying all properties, residences, businesses and accesses that may be affected by the work or event. 
  2. All work or events held on public roads must be covered by public liability insurance.
  3. Organisers of events must post advance notice stating the effect of the order, and describing the alternative route or routes available to traffic. The notice MUST be kept posted in a conspicuous manner at each end of the part of the road to which the order relates, and at the points at which it will be necessary for vehicles or, as the case may be foot passengers, to diverge from the road.
  4. When the work or event has been agreed, Highways Division will make appropriate orders which will be advertised in the local newspapers. The cost of the newspaper notices must be met by the applicant.

For contact details to obtain further information about the procedures for making event orders please telephone: +44 1624 686904, or +44 1624 686930.

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