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Exemption from vehicle weight restrictions

Isle of Man legislation has a maximum vehicle weight restriction of 38,000kg on the Island's roads and designated routes must be used by certain heavy vehicles.

Certain roads also have weight restrictions imposed on them and an exemption may be required to allow overweight vehicles to travel along Isle of Man roads upon which a weight restriction exists.

Applications for permission to use a weight restricted road should be submitted at least 2 days (48 hours) prior to the date on which travel is required, and on the company's headed note paper to:

Highway Services

Department of Infrastructure

Sea Terminal Building



Email:Send Email

All applications are treated on their own merits and should include:

  1. the exact route required
  2. the date and times of travel
  3. the registration number and weight of the vehicle wishing to travel

The downloadable documents on this page provide additional information.

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