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Abnormal loads

Permitted vehicle weights and lengths and designated roads for long and heavy vehicles

Designated roads

The purpose of the Long or Heavy Vehicles (Designated Roads) Order 2015 and the Long or Heavy Vehicles (Designated Roads)(Amendment) Order 2020 is to restrict certain goods vehicles to using a limited number of specified roads in the Island. If the vehicles wish to travel elsewhere on the Island, written consent is required from the Department of infrastructure. For further details, please see Exemption from vehicle weight restrictions.

Goods vehicles affected by the Order are:

  • Any articulated vehicles where the length of the combination exceeds 14 metres, and
  • Any motor vehicles or articulated vehicles where the laden weight (including any trailer) exceeds 32,520 kg but not exceeding 44,000 kg.

Vehicle length

The Road Vehicles (Maintenance and Use) Regulations 2012 set an upper limit of 16.5 metres for articulated vehicles.

Vehicle weight

There are weight restrictions on certain Isle of Man roads. 

Articulated vehicles with 5 or more axles, or certain special types of vehicles are restricted under the Road Vehicles (Maintenance and Use) Regulations 2012.

Exemption permits may be issued to allow overweight vehicles to travel along certain highways. Applications must be submitted on the Company's headed notepaper to Highways Administration at least 48 hours prior to the date on which travel is requested.

All applications are treated on their own merits and should include:

  1. the exact route required
  2. the date and times of travel
  3. the registration number and weight of the vehicle wishing to travel

The designated roads which affected vehicles may use without consent are those linking the freight marshalling areas of Douglas, Ramsey Harbours and the various warehouses, stores, distribution centres and industrial or trading estates in the Island. The maximum penalty for contravening the Order is £2500 on summary conviction.

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