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Manx currency - coins and notes

The Isle of Man has a unique constitutional relationship with the United Kingdom which enables it to elect its own Government, make its own laws, levy its own taxes and control expenditure.

The nurturing of a low personal and company taxation policy has led to the establishment of a vibrant and successful finance centre and therefore it is fitting also that it should issue its own currency, the Manx pound, which is equivalent in value to its United Kingdom counterpart, however can not be spent outside of the Isle of Man.

The issue of its own currency is a positive statement of independence and the power of self determination. It is also an important source of investment income which would otherwise accrue to the United Kingdom if that country's currency was allowed to displace it.

The Isle of Man Treasury Coin Collections can be purchased from various local retailers, for information on where to buy coinage please contact our coin enquiries inbox:

If you have a damaged Manx note or if you want to check the viability of a note in your possession, please take it to any branch of the Isle of Man Bank. A leaflet entitled 'Know Your Own Isle of Man Government Notes' is available for download on this page.

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