Key Points

Consumer Prices Index Increase (CPI)

  • The annual rate of inflation as measured by CPI increased in February 2018 and now stands at 4.4%, up from 3.8% in January 2018

  • The rate of inflation for February 2018 has increased by 0.6 percentage points to 4.4%, and has been driven by two key factors, alongside general inflationary pressures.

    The rising cost of crude oil has had a significant impact upon heating costs and to a lesser extent petrol and diesel and is likely to have contributed to general inflationary prices, particularly in relation to the transportation of goods

  • Seasonal cost increases have also played a significant part in February's inflation, particularly air travel which has seen significant price increases as a result of the Easter holidays, the effect of which has been amplified due to the timing of Easter compared with 12 months ago

  • There continues to be inflation across nearly all categories, with the exception of clothing, which is mainly due sales and discounting which have been more prevalent when compared with 12 months ago

The figures are published monthly by the Economic Affairs Division of the Isle of Man Cabinet Office. Full details with further breakdowns  are available in the downloadable document, which is updated monthly.

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