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The Income Tax Division of Treasury provides approval for a variety of personal pension funds. Information in relation to State Retirement Pensions is separately administered by Treasury.

This section concerns the treatment of contributions made by the employer and/or employee to the employees’ pension fund (approved under Isle of Man pension’s legislation) and the taxation of pension payments made to the employee once they have retired.

Only contributions made into an Isle of Man approved pension scheme are allowable for tax relief. 

Guidance Note 62 - Pension Scheme Administrators and Practice Note 221/23 are intended to explain the tax implications of the death of a pension scheme member or the transfer of a pension scheme fund.

This guidance has been provided for information purposes only and does not affect your right of appeal on points concerning a liability to income tax.

Use the following links to see information about each type of pension scheme:

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Occupational Pension Schemes

Personal Pension Schemes

Triviality, Fund Remnant and Salary Sacrifice Conditions

International Pension Schemes (50B and 50C)

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