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Isle of Man Signs Tax Co-operation Agreements with Jersey and Guernsey

Thursday, 24 January 2013

As part of the Isle of Man Government’s ongoing programme of signing Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) and Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs), Treasury Minister Eddie Teare MHK signed DTAs with Jersey and Guernsey today in London.

The DTA with Jersey was signed by Assistant Chief Minister, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, and the DTA with Guernsey was signed by Deputy Chief Minister, Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq.

With these 2 new agreements the Isle of Man now has 8 DTAs and 27 TIEAs that meet the OECD international standard on tax co-operation and transparency.

Minister Teare commented:

'The Isle of Man Government welcomes the signing of Double Taxation Agreements with Jersey and Guernsey which will further strengthen the close political and business ties shared by the Crown Dependencies. These agreements reinforce the Island’s longstanding commitment to meeting current international standards in tax transparency, effective exchange of information and the elimination of double taxation.'

The text of the agreements can be viewed on the International Agreements page of the Isle of Man Treasury Income Tax Division’s website.

The Isle of Man has now signed 35 agreements which meet OECD standards.

Isle of Man's 8 Double Taxation Agreements
CountryDTA signing date
Estonia 08-May-2009
Belgium 16-July-2009
Malta 23-Oct-2009
Bahrain 03-Feb-2011
Qatar 06-May-2012
Singapore 21-Sept-2012
Jersey 24-Jan-2013
Guernsey 24-Jan-2013


Isle of Man's 27 Tax Information Exchange Agreements
CountryTIEA signing dateCountryTIEA signing date
US 03-Oct-2002 New Zealand 27-Jul-2009
Netherlands 12-Oct-2005 Portugal 09-Jul-2010
Sweden 30-Oct-2007 China 26-Oct-2010
Norway 30-Oct-2007 Canada 17-Jan-2011
Finland 30-Oct-2007 India 04-Feb-2011
Denmark 30-Oct-2007 Poland 07-Mar-2011
Greenland 30-Oct-2007 Mexico 11-Apr-2011
Faroe Islands 30-Oct-2007 Japan 21-Jun-2011
Iceland 30-Oct-2007 Indonesia 22-Jun-2011
Ireland 24-Apr-2008 Slovenia 27-Jun-2011
UK 29-Sept-2008 Czech Republic 18-Jul-2011
Australia 29-Jan-2009 Turkey 21-Sept-2012
Germany 02-Mar-2009 Argentina 14-Dec-2012

Isle of Man Signs Tax Co-operation Agreements

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