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Letter Forwarding Service

Letter Forwarding Service

The Income Tax Division of the Treasury provides a pre-paid letter forwarding service for pension and insurance companies wanting to forward beneficial information to customers, usually about pensions or insurance policies. We cannot forward letters on behalf of Debt Collection Agencies or Commercial Tracing Agencies.

You must have made every effort to trace the person concerned before you ask us to forward any letters.

The charge for all attempted traces is £3.55 plus VAT = £4.26.

See downloadable documents for a sample of the type of letter we can forward.


1. Completion of relevant forms

There are 2 forms, (see downloadable documents), that can be used and both come in 2 parts. Please complete both parts in full on separate pages as 1 copy is retained by the Income Tax Division. These are as follows:

  • CRU10(IOM) – use this form if you require an individual response for each customer, or

  • CRU15(IOM)–use this form if you require a bulk reply

  • You may submit your own version of these forms, however, you must obtain our approval for your own version first (minimum font size Tahoma 11 with a maximum of 10 entries per page)

  • Both the CRU10(IOM) and the CRU15(IOM) forms request a unique reference to enable you to identify the person when the form is returned to you on completion

  • This unique reference must not contain any National Insurance numbers or dates of birth

  • Please complete the form with as much detail as possible, it is in your own interest to provide as much information as possible to ensure an accurate trace is carried out

  • Please ensure that both parts of the CRU10(IOM) and CRU15(IOM) contain your company name and contact details

2. Attaching your letter

  • The letter that you want us to forward should only ask the recipient to get in touch with you (see sample letter), it must not contain any other items such as pension statements, cheques or National Insurance numbers or dates of birth

  • Your letter should be addressed to the specific individual concerned, (not Dear Member etc), in the case of joint policy holders, individual requests should be submitted

  • Correspondence to persons under the age of 16 should be addressed to the parent or guardian

  • Each letter should be linked to the CRU10(IOM) or CRU15(IOM), failure to link the letter to the correct form may result in your work being returned

  • We need to check the content of the letter that you want us to forward, there is no need to place your letter in an envelope as we will provide envelopes and postage

  • If you wish to enclose a reply envelope these must be attached to each letter

  • Requests in excess of 200 items per week, per company, will need to obtain our prior approval

  • A covering letter should be provided, briefly stating why you need to use this service

3. The Department's responsibility

  • We cannot provide you with any information about the person you wish to find, all details held by us are confidential

  • We will aim to complete your requested traces within 10 working days, if we are unable to complete the trace within this time you will be notified via your receipt

  • Despite taking care in tracing we can never be absolutely certain that the person we have traced is the customer that you wish to contact

  • Our covering letter to the customer advises them that if they are not the person that you are looking for the letter should be returned to us

  • Any letters returned by the Post Office as 'Gone Away' or 'Dead Letter Office' will only be returned to you at your request

  • We cannot be responsible for any item lost whilst carrying out the service

  • When we receive an item for forwarding, it cannot be retrieved until the action is complete

  • If we find that the service is misused in any way, no further requests for the forwarding service will be accepted from you

  • We may request sight of your companies Data Protection registration to ensure compliance with the law, copies of our registration are available on request

  • The Income Tax Division reserves the right to withdraw the service at any time

4. Sending payment and contact details

  • You should ensure that you enclose payment for the full cost of the Bulk Letter Forwarding service with the CRU10(IOM) or CRU15(IOM), all cheques should be made payable to Isle of Man Government

All correspondence and work is to be addressed as follows:

Letter Forwarding Service

Pensions team

Income Tax Division

Government Office


Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 685432

Email:Send Email

If you want to discuss any aspect of letter forwarding, please contact us between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

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