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Keeping up-to-date

Reminder to submit annual returns

Your personal income tax return for the year ending 5 April 2017 must be completed and returned by 6 October 2017.

Failure to submit the return by the due date will result in an automatic penalty of £100 which will be due and payable immediately. A further penalty of £200 will be charged if your return is still outstanding by 5 April 2018.

If you have not received a return and are not sure whether you need to complete one, please contact us on +44 1624 685400.

Please remember that if you have a tax agent your return will have been sent to them unless you have instructed us otherwise, and you should contact your agent initially. 

Have you changed address?

You can inform us of address changes by using the contact deatils at the bottom of this page.

You can also update your own address record by using the Online Tax Services once you have registered and enrolled for Individual Tax Services.

Mortgage interest relief

Do you have a mortgage subject to a flexible rate of interest, for example, base rate tracker mortgages? If so, have you asked for your code to be amended to reflect the reduced amount of interest you are paying?

Lower interest rates will result in lower claims for mortgage interest relief and if your code has not been changed you may receive more relief through your code than you should. This may result in an underpayment when your assessment is calculated.

Changes affecting your tax code

We will look at your code when preparing your latest assessment, but we then have to rely on you to inform us when changes affecting your code take place.

  • Paying off a loan that you have been claiming tax relief for
  • Being given the use of an asset owned by your employer (e.g. a car, or accommodation)
  • Taking out a new loan that may qualify for tax relief

If changes occur you should tell us immediately to reduce the risk of under or over payments of income tax. You can inform us of changes by using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Reminder to New Residents

Please note, you are required to submit a tax return annually whether we issue one to you or not. If you have not already done so, you should register for Isle of Man income tax as soon as possible.

Complete form R25 or contact us using the details below.

Penalties may be due if you register late and have not submitted a completed income tax return by the due date.

Reminder to trustees of trusts and settlements

Income tax returns for trusts and settlements must also be completed and submitted by 6 October 2017 in order to avoid a penalty notice.

If you have not received an income tax return and you have not been advised in writing that the trust or settlement is not required to submit annual income tax returns, please contact us on +44 1624 685400.

Leaving the Island

If you are leaving the Island permanently, you must file a return for the period beginning 6 April 2017 (if you left after that date) up to the date of departure.

Failure to submit the return within 6 months of the date of your departure will trigger an automatic £100 penalty.

You should contact us as details of your departure are confirmed, to obtain the return(s) needed to bring your income tax affairs to a close here on the Isle of Man.

Income Tax Division

Government Offices

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Isle of Man


Telephone:+44 1624 685400

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